BTG Ongoing support

BTG Ongoing support

About the client

BTG are a global healthcare company focused on Interventional Medicine. Their mission is to provide imaginative new ways to treat disease; making a real difference for patients, and a valuable contribution to healthcare. Today they have a growing portfolio of products that advance the treatment of cancer, vascular conditions and severe emphysema.

Client requirements

BTG contacted Inter Intra looking to expand their IT team with the option to have a rotation of technicians to work in the same role so that they always have someone available on their global helpdesk.


Inter Intra have been supplying onsite staff outsourcing to BTG over the past 3 years. We have had a rotation of our very own trained staff onsite full time providing support to their local team and global helpdesk. Having more than one technician trained at that site means we can rotate our team and still deliver the same level of support to the staff.

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