Cyber Security

Making sure your data is safe from cyber-attacks is as important as a sound IT infrastructure. With the rise of cyber threats like ransomware and data breaches, Inter Intra can help you safeguard sensitive business data.

Auditing and Risk Assurance

Inter Intra offers transparent and extensive auditing of your cyber security systems to understand your organisation’s security risks and vulnerabilities. Our IT experts conduct a thorough audit of your cyber security and check if your security measures align with the international standards for cyber security. With the rise in the number of cyber-attacks every year, even small and medium enterprises are at the risk of cyber-attacks through exploitable vulnerabilities. We analyse security gaps and risks in your IT systems and software to provide your business with a comprehensive cyber security management program to safeguard your data.

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Cyber Security Management Services

Inter Intra provides risk-based cyber security management services to ensure your business data and IT infrastructure is secure and you can have peace of mind. Our team of experts align your cyber security according to The South Australian Cyber Security Framework and the “Essential Eight” pillars of cyber security.

The Essential eight cyber risk management framework by the Australian Government’s Cyber Security Centre helps businesses mitigate risks associated with cyber threats. The Essential eight pillars include:

  • Application whitelisting: Allowing only permitted applications to run on your systems and blacklisting malicious applications.
  • Patching applications: Updating applications to the latest version and security patches to prevent cybercriminals from exploiting software vulnerabilities.
  • Configuring Microsoft Office macro settings: Setting up Microsoft Office macro settings according to your business requirements blocks automated malware codes from running through Office macros.
  • Application hardening: Disabling unnecessary applications like java scripts to prevent unauthorised access through security vulnerabilities.
  • Restricting administrative privileges: Restricting administrative access to sensitive data and applications reduces security risk in a cyber-attack.
  • Patching operating systems: Patching operating systems to the latest security updates to prevent cybercriminals from exploiting critical vulnerabilities.
  • Multi-factor authentication: Setting up multi-factor authentication to allow only authorised personnel access to sensitive data.
  • Daily backups: Daily backups allows easy data recovery in case of cyber attacks like ransomware or system crashes.

Threat Management

We provide businesses with comprehensive cyber threat management programs tailored to their specific requirements so that companies can have absolute peace of mind. With over 15 years of experience and working with clients from various industries, we can offer threat management plans that protect your business from cyber-attacks. Our threat management programs include services like installing anti-virus software, setting up spam filters and web filters that block malicious applications from affecting your IT systems and data. We also provide services like:

  • Dark Web monitoring: Dark Web accounts for around 95% of the internet and contains sensitive information like client data from businesses. Cybercriminals use this information to attack organisations and cause disruption to daily operations. Inter Intra monitors the dark web to ensure your sensitive data is not leaked on the dark web.
  • Phishing simulation: Our IT experts at Inter Intra can train your employees to identify and avoid phishing attacks that give cybercriminals access to sensitive business data. Anti-phishing and cyber security training can show employees important clues in recognising phishing attacks and reporting suspicious emails.
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