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We take the hard work out of updating

If you get a headache every time you think about updating your technology, we can’t say we really blame you. With so much out there and with the ever-increasing speed of change, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed with information and options — let alone the idea of business interrupted!

An insider’s advantage

Thanks to our strategic alliances with Amazon, Google, Microsoft and 3CX, we’re really up with the latest technology — but that doesn’t mean we’ll push the latest gadget! At Inter Intra, it’s people before technology and our clients definitely come first.

Unbiased expertise

We make sure we take the time to find out about your technology problems and your business needs so that we can offer you unbiased, expert advice on exactly which technology will work best for you and your business.

Business as usual

Once you decide which way you’d like to go, our team will update your technology smoothly and efficiently. So while we’re busily working away behind the scenes, from the point of view of your staff and your customers, it’s business as usual with no hiccups.

We’ve helped a lot of businesses choose the right technology solution. To find out what we did for them, check out our case studies. Then, if you’re ready to roll or you’d like to know more, why not contact us. We’d be happy to make a no-obligation onsite visit to your organisation to talk about what we can do for you.

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