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A new age of threats

Unfortunately, many businesses don’t really think about security until something happens — such as being attacked by the Cryptolocker virus. Over the past year or so, we’ve been contacted by a number of businesses who were targeted.

Those businesses were instantly locked out of their own system and couldn’t access anything. Customer records, employee data, product information, accounts, email — everything was in lockdown. All it took for the ‘ransomware’ to get in was for one employee to open a very credible-looking email. In other words, it could happen to anyone.

Don’t be held to ransom

In some cases, the only thing the business could really do to regain access to their system and all their data was to pay the hackers the ransom demanded. In fact, over the past few months, Australian businesses have paid thousands of dollars to overseas hackers. As for our own clients, we were able to restore their data quickly and efficiently — because we had provided them with an automatic backup system.

This experience with Cryptolocker virus has been invaluable — it’s given us an insider’s view of the problem and the edge over other IT support providers, so we know exactly what to do if you’re hit. But our real aim is to make sure that you never are.

Anti-virus software is not enough

For any sizable business, running some anti-virus software is not enough to protect your data. In fact, it some cases, it can actually make things much worse! With the sophistication of hackers and viruses these days, it’s vitally important that you do two things to protect your information:

  1. Secure your system effectively to protect it from any threats
  2. Make sure you are always automatically backed up — because with the right back in place, you can recover from just about any situation.
Let us protect your data

At Inter Intra, we can set you up with a security device that acts as a catch-all for anything. With all your incoming and outgoing data directed through this device, it sees everything. It immediately blocks anything that’s a threat, alerts us instantly and protects your network while we find the source and disable it. Once we set your IT security up, we manage everything remotely through the cloud.

So please — don’t leave things till something happens! Give us a call and ask us about our free onsite cyber security risk assessment, today.

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