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Meet and greet
Solution & Quotation
Approval, Timelines & Rollouts
Welcome to the team!

Meet and greet

Inter Meet and greet

We enjoy taking the time to visit our existing and prospective clients to discuss needs and expectations. From there we provide a free audit of your systems to tailor a solution

Solution & Quotation

Solution & Quotation

This step is where we take all the information you’ve provided and that we have gathered on-site. From here we provide several viable solutions for your IT environment for you to choose which is most suitable for you.

Approval, Timelines & Rollouts

Approval, Timelines & Rollouts

Following approval of your selected service(s) we can provide accurate timelines and meet deadlines. This is also a good time to communicate times which best suit your company to perform migrations or upgrades without interfering with day to day operations.

Welcome to the team!

Welcome to the team!

You’re now a part of the Inter Intra family. We are always here for you and provide speedy, practical solutions to make your IT environment sound and seamless.We are always able to adapt to the needs of your company to deliver tailored, comprehensive support. *Please be sure to enquire about our referral programme. This is a great incentive we have put in place to further strengthen our relationships with our partners (clients).

About us

At Inter Intra, we are 100% service driven!

At Inter Intra we offer a comprehensive IT solution — and it’s not ‘one size fits all’. We are extremely customer focused, take the time to make sure we understand each clients’ needs expectations before we offer any solutions.

So, whether you need IT strategy, hardware, security, on-site maintenance/support or cloud services — at Inter Intra, we can help.

Why Our Clients Choose Us

  • Reputable - We have a great name in the IT industry and receive many referrals from our existing clients
  • Reliable - We have the ability to consistently provide speedy resolutions to any and all issues you may have
  • Responsive - We average an 8 second response time to queries and resolve issues with great speed
  • Recommendations - We always provide a tailored, transparent, realistic and cost-effective solution for our clients
  • Service - Not only are we responsive but we are comprehensive, informative and friendly

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Our Clients

Recently awarded acceptance onto LGA and SITS panels

At Inter Intra we are experts at leveraging the cloud to optimize your IT. Our cloud solutions offer access to secure, robust and scalable infrastructure. There has never been a better time to explore the cloud. .

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