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Managed IT Services Supporting Your Adelaide Business

Ensure your business is performing at its peak. Inter Intra offers a full suite of managed IT services to organisations of all sizes, providing the comprehensive support you need to make achieving your business goals easier than ever.

Located in Prospect, Inter Intra delivers our services to businesses across the broader Adelaide metropolitan area. In more than a decade of operation, we’ve worked closely with businesses in a wide range of industries, including law, agriculture and logistics, meaning whatever and wherever your business is, we’re ready and able to support you.

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Why managed IT is right for even the smallest organisations

Managed IT services can sometimes be dismissed by smaller business owners as adding cost and complexity to their operations. Not so – managed IT can offer both financial value and increased efficiency to organisations of all sizes. At Inter Intra, we take a holistic approach to all new managed IT clients, beginning with a thorough consultation that ensures we have a full understanding of your business’ needs, operating environment and goals.

We base all of our recommendations on this assessment, ensuring all business IT support services are closely aligned to your objectives and actively work to further develop your business.

Our IT consulting services include:

  • Broader strategic IT consulting about the overall direction and composition of your infrastructure
  • Audit services to ensure peak efficiency and productivity
  • Provision of onsite staff for preventative maintenance and faster reactions to issues
  • Backup and disaster recovery plan formulation
  • Migration services for relocations
  • Becoming an agile business takes constant, proactive action from the management team and other decision-makers. Ensure that you’re properly equipped to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow with assistance from Inter Intra.

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